Contributing Back to Gnome?

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I was reading about the Ubuntu Control Center-UCC fever from a lot of blogs and twitter from people linked to the Ubuntu Community.

The author did a very good job. He made  glowing lights come out from people’s eyes staring at the application layout looking very Ubuntuish.

Oh, its beautiful, We need something like that on Ubuntu!!!!

Gnome has an application that does the same work as the shine new Ubuntu Control Center –based on Mandriva’s Control Center– does, take a look at the gnome-control-center.

Ubuntu Control Center

Gnome Control Center

Personally, I think that the right path is something like “Oh, good, can we work together with Gnome and improve gnome-control-center?”

That would make more sense to me than that wooows I’ve read last days.

Contribute to join, not to be apart!!!


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  1. That wouldn’t work because GNOME would reject any patches sent it’s way. They have their own vision for the gnome-control-center and that’s fine. That’s the reason why MCC and UCC were created.

  2. The problem is – people have taken a shine to UCC because it’s doing what the GNOME control centre won’t – i.e. be really darn simple.

    GNOME Control Centre is great, but it’s not as concise as it could, or should, be. Hence why people are digging UCC.

  3. The problem with contributing is that other people have opinions, and if you’re going to work with them you have to deal with that.

    I have a lot of negative experiences interacting with upstreams, and as a result I very much prefer not to do it. I’ll grant a lot of that may be my fault, the way I approach things is often kind of different..

    I think just going it alone, as long as the source code is freely available, can allow for a lot more rapid progress in some cases than trying to keep everything in lock step with people who don’t have your same mindset concerning a particular issue. The greatest thing about Free Software is that no one can get between you and the source code. There is overhead incurred in collaboration, and different development models should be used whenever they’re appropriate.

  4. Ubuntu is continuing to deviate from upstream. Soon, Ubuntu will have to fork because maintaining all the patch sets will be too difficult. Let’s face it — GNOME and Ubuntu are heading in two directions.

    I agree that working together is better (especially between the Ubuntu Docs team and the Ubuntu Manual team — ugh! What a mess that is!), but Free software allows this kind of “fragmentation” and I think that’s good.

  5. I couldn’t agree more.

  6. I couldn’t agree with you more.

  7. FWIW, I think Gnome Control Center is more usable. I fail to see what Ubuntu Control Center brings to the table.

  8. The Gnome Control Center looks basically like the System Menu in a nice layout.

  9. Totally agree!

  10. Hey guys, i am the developer of UCC and i completely understand your point-of-view. Why create another “similar” project instead of contribute to the original one ? Well for quite some time i have been asking for a more simple interface for Gnome-control-panel, everytime i tried to discuss it on Forums or on Brainstorm the idea was always rejected or moderated by higher members. The majority of people said that the system menus were good enough. I refused to agree with that, otherwise there will be no meaning on efforts of Novell and Mandriva on YAST and MCC. So if no one was with me, i decided to do it my self, and i’m happy to see that there was a lot of people that think the same way.

  11. You are ridiculus!!!
    >looking very Ubuntuish
    >shine new Ubuntu Control Center
    Such control center has nothing to do with Ubuntu at all. Suse already had it a long time before it somehow become “Ubuntish”.

  12. I think you didn’t read it well or I did not make myself clear.
    Please, read the post again and note that I have said the same thing as you. Gnome Control Center, showed in that picture — in the link you put here, is not the same as Ubuntu Control Center.
    By the way, learn some respect, and thank you for your comment anyway.

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  14. It looks great :)
    Ubuntu is making many and continuous improvement to user interface and I think that’s the right direction. Simple is the way.
    Ubuntu is a very important step for Open Source and Free Software to conquer more and more user and go away from self referential geek.
    Go Ubuntu, go Community go :)

  15. Yeah. I’ve to agree with. You said it all. Good post.

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