Quicklist Editor for Unity Launcher

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Creating a custom launcher for unity is simple. Quicklists provide a easy and efficient way to quickly access commonly used tasks for a specific application.

The steps to create a custom launcher is easy.

  1. Right-click on your desktop and click create a launcher.
  2. Edit the .desktop file using a text editor and using this you can create static quicklist for the Unity.

After read that on askubuntu.com and play around with some custom launchers, I started a project to make it even easier.

The Quicklist Editor for Unity Launcher.

It still in the early development phase, only a 2 days work in my spare time and when my first son (born 30 days ago) allows me to!

Ursinha and I are working on this,  and we expect to release the first beta by next Monday.

You can find the project page on Launchpad:
The project page is hosted on Launchpad.


12 Responses to “Quicklist Editor for Unity Launcher”

  1. Thanks for starting this project, looking forward to it!

  2. Pretty cool app, Laudeci :)
    Still waiting for improvements on unity to come back, though. Is it python?


  3. yes, python+pygtk

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  9. This would completely solve my bug!


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  11. […] someone has done it: http://laudecioliveira.org/blog/?p=303 – and I’m pretty excited about it […]

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